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Greetings, Outlander.

We're glad that you are interested in RP with the Great House Telvanni.

Please know that our RP is quite different from your average casual/tavern RP. We are playing in a closed setting that has been running for a long time. That means that there are things going on behind the scenes that you will not be aware of - neither in character nor out of character. If you find yourself treated unfairly for no obvious reason, please do not hesitate to ask the other player OOCly about their motivation, they'll gladly enlighten you.

Heimlyn Keep is, by extension, a Dunmer Noble court. We are not all equal here (our characters are meant, not the players of course). The framework of our setting are a few extremely powerful characters who act as the explosive rune on the floor that everyone tries very hard not to step on. Please play the Telvanni quest lines on Vvardenfell for reference.

Please respect our setting while you play with us! 


We have a few basic principles to make sure everyone can enjoy RP with us, including new players and people with social anxiety disorder. While most of these are covered by being considerate towards each other, we have written them down in form of general safety instructions, so that there is a list. 

About bringing new characters into our setting, please check out our procedure. We promise, it won't hurt.

For more information about us and our setting, please check here.

Please get in touch in-game or on our irc if you have any questions!

We hope to see you soon!

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