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About Great House Telvanni
Oh, greetings. Why are you disturbing my research? Oh. Well. Why didn't you show me your Hospitality Papers sooner? This all could have been avoided... let me just put out the fire.

This is the website (Library) for the Great House Telvanni (EU), a social/roleplaying guild (the line is rather flexible here). We welcome polite and enthusiastic players from all over the world, Terra or Nirn. We believe that the lore of the Elder Scrolls games is intelligent and fun and destined to become a classic, and we want to immerse in that lore even deeper - our members are free to discuss and imagine...

"House Telvanni matches the disposition of my brother Sotha Sil -- iconoclastic, profane, unconventional."Vivec

"It's fascinating how the most xenophobic, psychopathic and immoral Dunmer house is the friendliest RP guild" - Malakil

The Telvanni are seclusive wizards and eccentric enchanters. The House as a whole did not join the Ebonheart Pact - where most of our members come from - for various reasons. One is that we hate being told what to do. Another is that we don't need it - we always were open to other races and don't need some fancy pact to tell us who is worthy to be a business partner... Wouldn't that be too much of a limitation, we would call ourselves libertarians.

A friendly warning, traveler - if you want to interact with the nobles, please make sure to come prepared, they can be difficult at times.

Our members and moderators speak many languages, but on in-game guild chat and on this website we communicate in English. Please use other languages only when whispering - this includes Dunmeri.

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