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re: Daris Telvanni


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Daris Telvanni


In his late hundreds.


Daris was born at the 12th of Hearthfire and should therefore mathematically be under the constellation of the Lady.


The first thing other Dunmer may notice about Daris are his eyes. The red in his eyes is so bright it may be seen as the color of molten copper and it also seems to catch and break the light as if his eyes would shine. His black hair is combed back very vigorously and the beard is cut and trimmed with precision as are his brows. His upper left face is marked with a ritual tattoo in the color of his eyes. Although ist is a very obvious tattoo he never talks about it.


He likes to dress smartly and prefers the colors black and gold over the traditional Telvanni color brown. This may be true inside the civilized areas but on his travels or excursions he prefers simpler robes of dark brown as they do not show the dirt so easily. Should the occasion of a fight or battle arise he would don a Daedric armor with a Telvanni Master Wizard robe above it to strike fear or at least respect into the hearts of his enemies. He prefers Destruction Staffs or throwing knives for battle. Since he is a masterful alchemist the latter will be coated in some sort of nasty surprise for everyone who even gets nicked by one of the blades.


Daris seems to be very aware of his good looks and he has a very charming personality amongst equals and superiors. He is able to hold a conversation for hours without a problem and is able to show or feign interest in almost every aspect or matter of interest, from Chimerian poetry to the Dragon Breaks and he has a good educational background and likes to show that.   

He likes the good things in life. Fine wines, good food, expensive clothing and the finer arts. Actually he writes some poetry himself – in Dunmeris of course since his deep and meaningful thoughts would get twisted and bent in translation. Or so he says. He is a bass with quite the pleasant singing voice. Actually thinking of it, if he would look like a men he would make a quite passable Breton. Never let him hear that.

He sees the value in the other civilized races of men and mer. The Orsimer being the great exception of course and don’t start him on the forest dwelling Bosmer. Of course the Altmer could tone down their high browed behavior since they are not better than us. And the short lived races of men may have some value but are of course inferior to us Dunmer. But yes, they have their value and their art is interesting. Some of them may be even passable enough to join the Telvanni. Maybe even in a higher position than slavery.

Religious beliefs:

Daris is a firm believer in power in all it’s forms, so of course he prays to the Tribunal. Just in case. He actually venerates Sotha Sil for his understanding of the arcane and he likes the things Lord Vivec and Almalexia stand for.


It is said Daris hailed from Vos where he rose through the ranks. He seldom talks about his mother or his father, only his sister, who seems to have died. He talks about her quite fondly and seems to like reminiscing about the time spent together.

Recent history:

Not yet

Noteable relationships:

He arrived very recently with his Slave Martudette Brutoud

Unusual talents/Oddities:

He is quite the masterful alchemist so he is also very proficient in the cooking or brewing of food and beverages. He is also able to discern most potions by color, smell or taste.

He is quite a capable singer and likes to play the lute. It is nice to hear him sing and play but you wouldn’t call him a master.


He is interested in the flora and fauna of the mainland. His focus lies of course in the alchemistical values of said life forms, especially when combined with the ingredients from Vvardenfell. He may have an ulterior motive in coming to the mainland but to be honest: Who hasn’t?

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