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An ancient institution...

... ah, wait. That was the Dunmeri Great House. However, the guild exists since Early Access, under the guild masters (in temporal order) @GaiusMarius, @ballehalle, @manavortex, @ballehalle and @manavortex. The reason why we still exist is that we look out for each other and consider ourselves family.

Great House Telvanni has been a social guild for over a year until we decided to put our focus on roleplaying, and community is the thing that is most important for us. We don't want our members to tolerate each other, we want to be a family.


Support guild

Among the Telvanni characters we have a wide spectrum of what is generally called mental disorders: Sociopaths, megalomaniacs and plain insanity. While we have perfectly fine characters, those are considered insane by deviating from the norm.

The reason why the Great House works is that the Telvanni mostly leave each other alone and don't interact enough to really clash. To quote Sun-In-Shadows, "Telvanni Magisters need a lot of breathing room"...

Among the Telvanni players we also have a wide spectrum of what is generally called mental disorders. The most wide-spread is probably Asperger's, but we have cases of ADD, PTSD, anxiety...

The reason why the guild works is that we are considerate of each other. We do not indulge special snowflakes, but we always accept it if someone says "I can't do this" or "afk". Ego trips mean that everyone else gets walked over, so we do not have these.

Precise measures

Since we have established the general safety measures, drama and incidents have dropped to almost zero. In cases where this is not enough, the situation will be de-escalated as follows: 

1: A mediator

All parties involved in causing stress will solve the situation in a mediated group, if a mediator is available and everyone agrees to it.

Everyone can be a mediator!

2: Demotion to test subject

If the group does not work to contain the source of stress and/or drama, the participants will be demoted to test subjects, who only have permission to use the officer chat. That way, the guild chat's integrity will not be compromised. 

This is a temporal containment measure, the rights will be restored as soon as moods have cooled down.

Demotion to test subject will not result in any further escalation measures, unless that's necessary to resolve the situation at hand.

3: Temporal guild kick

If someone is so agitated that they can't or won't stop taking it out on the guild, they will be kicked.

This is a temporal containment measure, and they will be re-invited as soon as one of the guild leaders and/or mediators has talked to them and considers the situation resolved. 

Temporal guild kicks will not result in any further escalation measures, unless that's necessary to resolve the situation at hand.

4: Permanent guild kick

Only one person was ever kicked from the guild, and he's still friends with the GM. A permanent guild kick is a matter of last resort and will be clearly foreshadowed.

Nobody will be permanently excluded from the guild without at least one, but more likely several very clear warnings.

These warnings will not be indirect statements, but have the form of "If you don't stop doing this and that I will have to permanently remove you from the guild" and thus be impossible to miss.

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