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bringing new characters into our setting

Read this first > Roleplaying

Setting integrity


If you want to bring a new character to any of our RP hubs, please have them approved by the corresponding hub GM: 

Heimlyn Keep @manavortex
Wrothgar @Valorin
Hew's Bane @ScattyThePirate
Vvardenfell  @manavortex
Tel Virith @Twirlz 
Tel Shogah @Cernon (summonable through his Mouth, @ScattyThePirate)

They will also answer all questions you might have.


Our RP hubs follow certain settings which we like to maintain. This is why we want to have a look at characters to be sure they fit in and won't do "funny" things to it. This will prevent discussions about that in midgame.

The guildies listed above will happily discuss new characters with you and give you a "yes" or a "no" which you will have to accept. This also applies to visitors.

This will also ensure the uniqueness of your existing characters.


If your new character wants to enter a Telvanni setting, please make sure to get an okay first.

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