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Great House Telvanni - RP

Where: One of our RP hubs

OOCWhenever! Just ask in guild chat when you want to RP.
Events usually start at 2000 CE(S)T, those are announced via news post / MOTD.
The day and the year progress as they would in real life. Our coordination time zone is UTC + 1.

IC: The year is 2E582 for the third time now, and the main plot has progressed to a certain point.

What: No random tavern RP - We want more!
Who: Everyone who is willing to stick to the way we play! (Please talk to a hub GM)
Just looking For quick one shots we always are looking for volunteers to take over NPCs!

We always have an RP-group for OOC background talk and inappropriate jokes and to make sure that people are within/out of earshot. 
By default, chat channels will be treated as followed:

InCharacter  (IC) say, yell, emote (please check here for "secret" whispering)
OutOfCharacter  (OOC) guild, group, officer, whisper

Our hub GMs will help you with your power level

Our RP setting goes on offscreen. That implies metagaming according to agreement

Please check out the post about etiquette if you are on the autistic spectrum and/or feel insecure about how to not be accidentally rude among a bunch of stuck-up paranoids. :)

RP Background

The world

 On magicka

Since magicka is somewhat central to playing a Telvanni - or any wizard - this is where you can find definitions and suggestions about how to incorporate magicka.

 Please note that in-world, the schools of magick are not canon yet!

 On Daedric Princes  Daedra are a part of life on Nirn, however, Daedric princes are something that every sane mer avoids and the rest handles with great care. Check the link to learn why.


On Dunmer in general

Dunmeri language Despite not being part of the official canon, this stab at Dunmeri language adds a lot of atmosphere, which is why we are using it. Please note the part about muthsera being used for males is wrong
Dunmer etiquette What expects someone at a noble court of Morrowind? For that matter, what can someone expect when living among Dunmer?
Dunmeri naming conventions Indoril Nerevar Indoril what?
Dunmeri lifespans The definition of elven life spans in our setting. Official sources are occasionally unclear about this, so here's how we roll. 


The Telvanni

Great House Telvanni in our setting - Why the Telvanni are the Mafia


Central Morrowind Branch

Hospitality Papers 

Spying on us

Scrolls and books by our members and their template

If you wonder how an RP environment that only features the likes of Neloth Telvanni or Divayth Fyr can work: It cannot. Read Valorin's comment about Being Neloth as for the reasons.  

If you are interested in playing special characters, please check out the corresponding link and make sure to get in touch with the hub GM before introducing them. 

Plot and character development

Compared to other guilds, our plots go on for far longer. We like to build up characters over several weeks at the very least, some of our setting's inhabitants are almost as old as ESO.

On character building and character progression

Bringing new characters into our setting

Political plots

Power Levels - how we determine wand size

On Interaction

On invisibility - interesting for OOC

Other roleplaying-related information

We've begun gathering suitable roleplaying locations, feel free to check them out.

There's some original lore about topics concerning us, collection incomplete.

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