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Our RP hubs

Heimlyn Keep, Stonefalls

Hub GM: @manavortex

What A Dunmer noble court which happens to be a Telvanni research facility at the same time
What kind of RP Trying to get your research done while at the same time engaging in schemes and plots for power. At least it's not as bad here as in Vvardenfell!
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 Hub GM: @Valorin, if necessary, summonable through his wife, @manavortex

What Valorin Tervayn's expedition to find something Dwemerish. No Telvanni here, move along!
What kind of RP Friends and comrades, trying to be good neighbors to Clan Tumnosh. Wrothgar is so hostile that every home is a tavern and every traveller a friend - unless he's a bandit...
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Hew's Bane

Hub GM: @ScattyThePirate 

What A Maomer ship in the hands of a Bosmer building a trade empire from nothing
What kind of RP Cloak and dagger - a crew of freelance entrepeneurs who are totally not smugglers trying to get a piece of a cake that's claimed by bigger fish
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Hub GM: @manavortex

What An Imperial alchemist and her family moving to a different biome for research - and finding that it's full of Great Houses...
What kind of RP N'wah trying to not do anything stupid in an environment that only makes sense if you were born there... which they weren't!
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Tel Virith 

Hub GM: @Twirlz

What The Tower of Spellwright Telvanni Dalamus Virith, located on the Velothi Coast
What kind of RP The slaves and servants of a Telvanni wizard with plenty of problems of his own. You have a good life, as long as everything runs smoothly...
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Tel Shogah

Hub GM: @Cernon

What The Tower of Curator Telvanni Cernon, located between Solstheim and Gnisis
What kind of RP Tel Shogah is home to the Curator and his apprentices as well as several guards, servants and slaves, the latter of which are exclusively Khajiit. While the apprentices are busy vieing for Cernon's acknowledgement by presenting the fruit of their ambitious research, the servants and slaves keep the tower in presentable shape. The guards in their distinguishable uniforms keep the premises around the tower safe, though they tend to relax in the tower's common room when they're off duty.
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Please make sure to get in touch with the corresponding hub GM if you want to join a setting!

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