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General Safety Instructions

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We have RP to have a good time.

Out of character-ly speaking, Great House Telvanni wants to make sure that every single one of its members has the good time they deserve. That does not necessarily include their characters.

A player and a character are not the same person.


In the social, support and RP guild Great House Telvanni, nothing will happen to any character without the consent of the player. That can lead our RP into dead ends, please be aware of that.

Due to the nature of our setting your characters can end up in a situation where you have put your foot so thoroughly in your mouth that we might not be able to solve that ICly - and maybe you have not realised it. Please be aware of the phrase "you are throwing shit at the fan", which will be used by other players to make you aware of that.

Talk to your fellow players first to get feedback!

Chat etiquette

Due to the fact that we want all our members to be able to stay in touch with the Great House Telvanni at any time and not lose contact to the community by turning off guild chat and never turning it off again, we have opened the Officer Chat for everyone.

Any member of the guild has the right to ask that the guild chat is moved over there if it is too lively for them. Courtesy strongly suggests to honour this request (it has a club with nails) so that the discussion can continue without people discussing about the discussion and everyone in general being unhappy.

If you don't see the necessity, imagine the guild chat being flooded with the subflavour of sport or lore that you care the least about.


Help, stop, I can't

Since we have people with issues in our guild (such as being young, autistic, or suffering from a really bad day), we have a Code Red

This is the emergency button, an RP situation is spinning out of control for (whatever) OOC reasons. Other players will know and ask you if you want to step out of RP directly without any consequences for your character, or what you would like them to do to make the situation more comfortable for you (or just leave you alone because they have no idea what to do).

If you have the feeling that you screwed up OOCly despite our safety measures, you can ask for a Reset.

Please try not to need it because it should be a last resort and would always involve some kind of mediation.

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