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Advice for new players

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So... you're looking for help?  

Valorin was so kind to write up a few guides for new players like you, and Scatty has taken the time to give you an overview on how crafting in ESO works.. They should cover most questions you might have. If that's not the case, you are, of course, welcome to ask.

Start into the game

You have absolutely no idea how this works? Read this for an overview on and explanation of quests, zones, objectives and all those shiny things you can buy.

Crafting guide

If you want to find out how ESO crafting works and whether or not you want to do this, check out this guide.


If people keep telling you to install add-ons and you have no idea what that is, or if you want to get a list of cool add-ons that you might want to install, check this section.

Beginner's Guide to Effectiveness

If "Start into the game" is demanding too little from you, you might want to read on here. It does not contain "Builds", but general advice and some explanations of skills.

Class advice

Here you can find a brief overview over the classes together with a more detailed explanation of class skils and play styles.

Making Gold

A guide on the official eso forum how to make money after homestead. Since people keep asking me this, there's now a link to point them to.


You have no idea where to start with all this Housing business? Check the link.


General How-Tos like...

How to start the Ashlander dailies on Vvardenfell

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