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AddOns and usersettings

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Everything about Add-Ons 


Looking for a list of useful AddOns? Look no further - click here. 

What are add-ons?

An add-on is a user generated extension for your ESO client (back in the days of Elder Scrolls Offline they were called "Mods"). The website of choice to download and install them from is

The people who write these add-ons are not working for Zenimaxx. They are players like you and have most likely come up with a piece of code because they needed to improve something about the ESO interface.

How do I install Add-Ons?

There are two ways to do it: Manually, or via Minion. I strongly recommend Minion, because it makes keeping your Add-Ons up-to-date really simple.

To use Minion, you will need an account at to use it, but I have one myself and know the people who are running the site and have never received a single spam mail.

Will I risk my ESO-Account when I use Add-Ons?





So... you don't know where to put it? 


Illustrated Tutorial

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