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Norina Telvanni

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re: Norina Telvanni


Norina Telvanni



Norina's birthday is the  9th Sun's Height. For humans she looks around 30 years old. But Norina is a Dunmer, so her real age is a little bit higher…


Norina is born under the sign of the Apprentice. 


Norina have pale red eyes and maroon hairs. Mostly she wear a lateral hair knot. She has simple tattoos on both upper arms. She loves extravagant dresses and robes with golden combinated Colours.

Most of the time, she covers her mouth and nose so she will not have to endure the strench of the gutter and lower creatures. 




The most important thing for Norina is Norina. She is very arrogant and she loves to show other persons the cold shoulder. Especially persons who are under her status or N'wah will often ignored. Norina dont like brute force and primitive mercenary.

However, she could be a very loyal person, as long as someone is superior to her. As Long...

Norina is not a violent person, but she does every thing for her own Benefit and she dont stop at nothing if it must be. 

Religious beliefs:

Norina believe in the ALMSIVI especially Sotha Sil. Mainly because she wants to admire the power of the three and wants to emulate.  

Even more she believe in the power of her family and the Great House Telvanni. 

Of Course, mostly she believe in herself… 


Norina was born in Tel Mora. Her mother and her father was both noble mages. She was the only Child and had no brother or sisters. One tells oneself Mistress Dratha is her great-great aunt.  

When Norina was still a child, she learned a few magical practiced from her parents. Someday a magical experiment of her parents goes wrong and she lost her mother. 

After this hard blow, her father throw the magic in the towel and become a very respected merchant and Norina hat to help him. But this path of life was not enough for Norina and her father knew it. He feels that she would more and after a big dispute a few years later he let her go. 

Norina was leaving Vvardenfell in her youth years and travel to Mournhold. She wanted to join the magicians guild after her Father forbade her to be taught in Sadrith Mora.

Despite her abillities, Norina was rejected at the mages guild because she was to young. 

Arufinwe Rurel, a higher member of the mages guild offered Norina to be her interceder. If Norina will helped her, she would teach her different things and let her live in her estate.Norina agrees and worked for Arufinwe from now on. 

Norina quickly realized, however, that she was only exploited.The promised lessons were missing and she had to do lower servant work.But Norina observed Arufinwe’s magical studies every free minute and learned so much, that it don’t tooks a long time and she was almost as powerful as her mistress.It was the time when Norina realized that she could only rely on herself and the naive girl died at this moment.When her time came to join the Guild, she register that only Arufinwe was standing between her and the entrance.One day, Arufinwe mysteriously died of one of her own experiments.Rumors told us that the explosion was so strong that they found Arufinwe’s head a few miles away.If you ask me then if Norina has intentionally sabotaged the experiment? Absolutely possible! 

Anyway, now no one stood between her and the entrance in the guild and the collected knowledge that was still hidden there for Norina.

During her studies, she quickly overtook her other scholars and became more and more arrogant. The other students avoided and hated her for her skills. 

After some time, Norina's hunger for further knowledge grew and she secretly began to study forbidden lessons, wich she was found in secret books.

The other students, eaten away by envy, watched her and reported her disobedience. 

However, the magicians did not want to lose their best student and did not ban her. Instead, they demanded a descision from her. Either she should rennouce her secret studies forever, or go and seek her own way. 

Furious at the purblindness of the magisters, norina decided for the latter. 

Now that she was literally on the street, she noticed a public announcement. The war in Tamriel was about to break out and the ebonheart pact was looking for skilled combat mages. Norina saw several opportunities. First she would have a temporary home. Second, she would gain access to further knowledge. And lastly, she would be able to perform some of her forbidden studies in the turmoil of war. After the war broke out, Norina saw the battlefields as a Kind of personal playrooms where she could do their experiments. In fact, she detested raw violence and eternal stink. But most of the time she stayed away from the battles and gave instructions and magical advice. Norina did not see herself on the same level as the sword-swinging proletarians and stinking mercenaries. Instead, she was sure that a war would be much easer to win without even a single arrow being fired. The answer was somewhere in the books, which Norina studied extensively…

After Norina realized that she was in a impasse, she left the army and went in search of higher knowledge thourgh tamriel. 

Recent history:

One day she received the news that her father had died on Vvardenfell. He was killed by one of his own slaves. As the only child she could now take the inheritance of her father. The old family-owned tower in Tel Mora was sold by her father. Instead, he left her a beautiful lodge on a lake and a sufficiently cash.

The time had come for Norina to return to Vvardenfell.


Norina has already seen a lot and finally the time has come to face her family ties and that she gets access to the knowledge of the Telvanni's what was witheld from her for so Long.



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