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re: Zephyr Oretheran


About the Clan Oretheran
 In the beginning the Oretheran weren't part of any Great House. Instead, they were fishermen.
 They were born from an Ashlander Clan, very little, only few elements that, during the Battle of the Red Mountain, went outside Vvardenfell and settled down in Blacklight. So, now the Oretharn Clan think that Blacklight is their native city.
 There, they began the fisherman job and never they grew up in number or political influence. They were fishermen and that's all. But when the three alliances born, the job of fisherman came very dangerous. The parents of Zephyr died during the Akaviri invasion of Skyrim ten years ago and with them they destroyed also the only boat of the Clan.
 So, the family decided to split up, to survive. The affiliation of the Great Houses could be the only way.
 The Uncle Kaim Oretheran went to Wrothgar, and also now is simple mercenary, enough worthy of that life. Besides the distance, the Clan bond is strong and also now he cares about his grandchildren, no matter they were in a different region.
 Zephyr and his sister Alundra went to House Telvanni, where Zephyr wanted to achieve high ranks to have a good life for himself and his sister.

About the Character

 Name: Zephyr Oretheran
 Age: 79 years old
 Birthsign: The Lovers

 Appereance: He seems very thin and physically weak, but under the cuirass and the robe he is normal, with a body hardened by travelling and camping in very awkward places. He has also learn to survive in the wilderness. The hair are black, the eyes of a brilliant red and the skin of a dark grey. The face traits are keen and sharp, and he has a three-days beard.

 Personality: In the beginning, not so sharp, instead he was naive and childlike for the Telvanni. But in time, he became smart and brilliant, his magic power increased in a very short time with a very poor study. The fisherman life had him close-minded, but when this block was removed, his mind literally blow up. Quickly, he developed a smart mind and a sharp tongue, not the best of all, sure, but for a fisherman is a very very great step. Also, he's very sarcastic, ironic and he likes pranks. He don't take very seriously the other Telvanni. Also, he hates slavery, and he mock it very often.

 Religious Beliefs: After his travelling, he thinks that doesn't exist Gods. Only being with a not-understanding power. But the Telvanni doctrine invites to research and perseverate what you don't understand. Besides, he has a good consideration of Azura and he is a devote of Saint Nerevar. He doesn't worship the Tribunal, too much.. simple to have Gods right here right now. He thinks that there is something strange about it.
 Recent History: Zephyr came in the Telvanni House as a Field Assistant, but he began to show some magical predispositions very soon, so he required the Oathmer rank. There's no ambition in him, he wanted only to give a good life to his sister. Also, all the money he earns go to sustain the sister, affected by a rare and not curable disease. He knows very well that, like a cancer, she will die one day. So, he provides to have the most valuable life for her until that day.
 As Oathmer, he became the keeper of some lesser libraries, archives of some great Telvanni Wizards. But very soon, they noticed that Zephyr was totally useless there. So, they took the young Dunmer and they send him to scout the nearby region of Skyrim. So, Zephyr began to explore and travel, he really passed through years only travelling, learning lessons, collecting data for the House, but also informations, maps, new way to make magic.
 It doesn't matter that the only reason was to send him away because he was putting his nose in the Magister affairs and kill him was a total waste. He took his task seriously anyway, and always sending gold to sustain the life of his sister.
 And after eight years of travelling, he is returned, to give to his masters the results of his travelling.

 Noteable Relationship
 Most of all, his sister Alundra. He loves his sister, she is the only relative who cares about and also now he give her almost all the money he earns. And, obviously, his sister is well known by the masters also because she lives in Sadrith Mora, under their eyes. If they want, they could use her to make pressure over Zephyr without problems. Too much simple for them use her to threaten Zephyr.

 In his eight years in Skyrim, he knew a lot of people, most of them now are working for him to control and spy the actual owner of his sister, Endase Avel, a middle-high rank wizard of Sadrith Mora who is, it seems, the reason of all his travels and the owner of his loyalty.. until he keeps his sister safe and alive, obviously. Also, Zephyr sends him monthly a big amount of gold to sustain the cures of his sister.

Also, he has some contact with a couple of Khajiiti of Reaper's March who sometimes write letters. Like penfriends. For now, no one knows the content of their letters and he goes one time at week to Ebonheart to receive and send letters to them.

 Unusual Talents/Oddities
 He could set a camp in the wilderness, he literally have survived in the wilderness of Skyrim. For sure, someone must have teach him how to do in Skyrim, but he has never told to anyone who, neither his sister. Also now, he used to sleep in a sleepbag, under the night sky. He dislike beds and pillows.

 He really thinks that the Telvanni House has potential, it's really a meritocracy, so he wants to have a slice of it. He wants to be what he want, he wants to do what he want, and he wants to go where he want. And, if the Ancients would, he wants to make a cure for his sister. And to be a Magister could be the way to have resources, time, power.
 Also, he thinks that the slavery is the cancer of the House, because a real meritocracy doesn't have space for a thing like slavery. The travels and the time passed in different people teach him the right way. But for now he must follow the script and be a good Oathmer.

 Theme Song
 Loreena McKennitt - The Highwayman

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