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re: Enar Mathendis


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Enar Mathendis


67 years of age


Enar was born in Second Rain under the constellation of the Mage with a Prime Aspect of Masser.


His head is bald. If this happened by shaving, by natures design or by magical accident is unknown but his beard is still growing so he trims it into the style veterans use to wear it: Mustache and goatee. He has pretty high cheekbones even for a Dunmer and his eyes look constantly skeptical, due to their form.

He usually wears traditional Telvanni Robes with the hoods and skullcaps associated with the Psijic Order. He seems to like their clothing style as well as that of the Ashlanders. He can be seen in the former if there is a big event and in the later if he is on his own and for his own.

There has been talk that he tries different colored robes for different kinds of magic.

He usually wears Destruction Staffs into battle, if needed but prefers to let Daedric summons to do his fighting.


Enar is proud to be a retainer of Clan Telvanni, even if he has earned this rank only quite recently. He shows many of the promising attributes a young Telvanni should have: A thirst for knowledge and therefore power, a strong, inquisitive mind and the ability to bow befor the right people. He is also known for thinking inside the box because the box is bigger on the inside, if it is blue. His thoughts may be strange to follow at first but they grow on you. He is very serious for someone of his young age, which possibly comes from taking his new position and rank a bit too serious.

Religious beliefs:

His mother Idrotise raised him to honor ALMSIVI but his father raised him to respect all the Daedric Lords. He ended up praying to those entities if needed to, since their power could not really be ignored. He does believe in them but he doesn’t really follow but more studies them. If you would force him to choose he is more inclined towards ALMSIVI since they seem to be more forgiving.


He hails from Sadrith Mora where his sister Rinori still lives and works as a navigator. The different believes of his parents lead to some friction and in the end his mother left them. Or so his father told them. His father Adrios brought him into the Telvanni service. Sadly soon afterwards Adrios had a falling out with Master Neloth. A very heated falling out, if you catch my drift. Enar was then transferred towards the mainland by Angharal Suth.

Recent history:

He has arrived at mainland Morrowind quite recently, so not yet.

Noteable relationships:

We will see.

Unusual talents/Oddities:

He is a very quick study and able to think in new ways very easily if those ways seem promising and logical to him. He is able to read very fast and to actually retain most of the read information. He is also very quick to find connections between information learned.

He has a natural gift for calling forth the forces of Oblivion. It remains to be seen if this will be a blessing or will turn into quite the curse.

He has a creative mind which helps him to find new and unusual solutions for problems. Sadly this sometimes means that his newly developed rituals or spells have a certain tendency to produce… interesting effects.


He was sent there, so he obeyed. Basic principle.

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