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re: Perennia Cyprianus (Vvardenfell)



Perennia Cyprianus


From the looks, anything between late thirties and early fifties. She has a fair amount of laugh lines around her eyes, and more than a few white hairs in her braid.

"Too old for this shit."


The Ritual.


After "what feels like at least a lifetime" in the Imperial Legion, Perennia looks like she's walked right of a field drill, even in civilian clothing. She's sinewy and tough, there's no gram of excess fat on her body despite the fact that she never passes on anything edible. 

When remembering to slouch, she passes as a decent civilian. (Brassy Assassin-Persona)

Her most noteworthy feature are her eyes, which are of a bright ice-blue and and have an odd way of reflecting the light. A Dunmer might feel themselves reminded of Netches, a Nord of wolf's eyes, just in blue.

She features a full set of Legion tattoos, from an Imperial dragon on her left biceps down to the various good-luck-markings that one picks up while being exposed to superstitious soldiers. A memento to the fallen sits on each shoulder blade, a contubernium's cue upon a torn pennant, both were designed artfully and must have taken hours. 

All tattoos are faded and worn.


No-nonsense and down-to-earth, Perennia is Ockham's Razor incarnate. She's level-headed and has a sense of humour that's as dry as a legionary's throat. While sober, she's a solitary person who doesn't open up to strangers quickly and doesn't look for other company than that of her brother.

While drunk, Perennia is fun in a bucket, although she can hold her brandy like a Nord!

Religious beliefs

Raised on the Niben's shores, she's grown up believing in the Divines, and often invokes their names, mostly combined with nether regions for cussing.

The Tribunal and Daedric Princes are both equally distant powerful entities for her that she wouldn't approach without a lawyer.


Perennia grew up together with her two years younger brother Clavius, whom she calls by his nickname Vespillo. Their parents were merchants in Leyawiin.

Recent history

After Clavius rescued her from Imperial City, where she was trapped after the Planemeld, the two made it to the Gold Coast, together with Clavius' old comrade Dante, where they settled down.

Perennia, alchemist and herbalist by trade, opened a side business to make some profit while continuing her research - she has some sort of condition that she treats with various mixtures, concoctions and ointments. Side effect of that are medical and skin care products of high efficiency.

After meeting Yirel and through her the crew of the Jolly Spriggan, Perennia, Clavius and Dante moved to Vvardenfell, where they moved in with what remained from the Gold Coast Trading Company after House Hlaalu decided that Seyda Neen would be a more profitable trading post without them. 

Noteable relationships

Perennia is very close to her brother Clavius. They often touch in public. When standing close to him, she has the habit of hooking one or two fingers into his belt. She's more companionable and far less reclusive when he is around. 

She tolerates Dante Valtieri's overprotectiveness patiently, but not without teasing him about it. She keeps threatening to use him as test subject. 

Since moving in with the Gold Coast Trading Company on Vvardenfell, she has become friends with Morven Ventus, the last remnant of the former Imperial trading post. Despite the apparent age gap they seem to have a lot in common. 

She praises Yirel Kanet's food highly when asked about her and seems to be fond of the young mer. 

Perennia has hired the Jolly Spriggan twice, once for urgent cargo and once for a passage for three, and is on good terms with the crew. 

Unusual talents/Oddities

Some time mid-career as foot soldier Perennia suddenly switched to the medical tents and never left them again. She has what she sums up as "a lifetime" of experience as a field medic, including triage, on-the-fly amputations and any gritty and dirty battlefield surgery that you could wish for. 

For a human her magickal talent is significantly above average, but she mostly uses it for restorative purposes - pushing her body beyond its limits or fighting the mysterious ailments and skin conditions that sometimes ail her. She can pull of impressive lightning effects, but she's the first to admit that those are mostly for show. 

Her power level is medium, since combat is not what she chose to specialise in. She can work together with any legion-trained character in anything that the legion drills their units in, giving both of them expert status. 

Perennia has a high power level in drunk unarmed bar fights.

Combining alchemy and herbalism she can come up with all sorts of concoctions that are absurdly specific.


Perennia once wrote a letter to Sadrith Mora about joining alchemical research. The reply that she got from "some mouth of a Magister Dratha" she describes as "the most sophisticated way of telling someone to fuck themselves I've ever seen". Her only other connection to Telvanni is her brother Clavius, who has worked with the Wardens.

She came to Vvardenfell because it is a whole new ecosystem with an abundance of exotic reagents that she didn't have access to earlier, and seems to intend to stay. 

Theme song

Those were the days


The theme song for the Cyprianus siblings is Nowhere Man and Brandy Girl 

... and then there's "Here's to You" by Thea Gilmore

Audio and voice recording >>

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