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Valorin Telvanni

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re: The Wrothgar RP Hub


Wrothgar RP hub


So... we arrived in Wrothgar. What now?

Of course I have something in mind with that expedition and I have a final aim there for the outcome of the expedition, but the steps to reach it are not entirely planned yet. I have a few ideas and things in mind that yet need to be processed into plot. The main progress of the expedition will happen as events on Saturdays, but small steps might also take place while we are casually RPing during the week. Since some of you surely have own ideas and plots, it might be useful to write down a few things that might collide with my main plot idea or with the nature of the setting I have in mind.

The main Setting

For more immersion and a believable setting I want us to imaginge Wrothgar a much bigger country than the zone actually is. It slows down travelling speed, makes locations harder to reach and therefore creates opportunities for roleplaying in camps and such things. It makes the whole thing a bit more of an adventure. For the southern part of Wrothgar that's merely a question of time and the usual dangers of the wild, in the northern parts it has a much greater impact. For our setting I imagine the icy parts as an unbidding area of frost. Warm clothes are mandatory, everybody should bring equipment for survival and such. When we are leaving the roads we are entering an untamed and frozen wilderness with all its perils and dangers. Of course it makes little sense to have casual RP there, but parts of the mainplot will lead into the snow, so don't worry.

Your own plots:

A general note for merging quests with RP: There are some quests in Wrothgar which lead into amazing dungeons and places. I want to use some of them for my mainplot, so please don't visit those locations, others are so amazing that they would be great fodder for an epic event. Visiting it as part of somewhat casual RP would be a bit of a waste.

Since my mainplot is connected to a few ingame quest locations and landmarks, I assembled a list which of those to avoid when making up your own adventures. I hid them because of spoilers, but you should read them if you consider making own plots.

- MOST IMPORTANT: Please avoid anything connected to the Morkuldin forge. That of course includes its location, any mentioning of it in texts or by NPCs and the quest there. Also avoid meeting the Morkul clan please. The information that the forge once belonged to that Clan is something I want to reveal as part of the mainplot.

- Don't go to Sorrow. Apart from being far in the North which makes it an are where you just don't just go to without proper planning, I want the quest there as part of the mainplot, though it's a bit silly. Of course we want something else from the mountain.

- If you want to do quests ingame, please avoid the Kireth and Vaynor quest in that Dwemer Dungeon. I will stuff it into my mainplot.

- Don't go into Old Orsinium or Rkindaleft for RP.

- avoid Honor's Rest. Dan wants it for its awesome Redguard lore entry. He doesn't know yet. ;)

- The Dwemer Ruins in general are places I either want to use for the mainplot or are so awesome that they are stuff for another great expedition/event. So don't just fall down Graystone Quarry and wander around to do the quest in RP style. I think that place is a good example for an awesome place for a Telvanni expedition event. Not for us adventurers perhaps, but for the Wizards.

While my head is working on the mainplot events I may expand the list above... 

The Masterplan:

This are the ideas I have for the mainplot. Don't look if you hate spoilers.

Valorin has found a hint that my lead to the location of an ancient Dwemer forge. Anybody who played the Wrothgar quests knows that place and also knows, that the Morkul clan once inhabited it. This fact is unknown to us yet. We will learn it as part of the Mainplot though. Valorin wants to check on a few landmarks that are mentioned in ancient texts connected to the forge and wants to collect general information which may lead to new hints.

- I want to use the Kireth and Raynor delve as one of the locations worth examining. We will do the quest there in RP.

- There is a map in the museum that Valorin wants. We need to find a forge, then steal the map, copy it and put it back.

Much more to come.

@Valorin: Valorin Telvanni, Nathyn Varo, Athelyn Demnevanni, Sings-to-Fiends, Clavius Cyprianus, Lily Lakeside (Casain Demnevanni, Horgad Whitefrost) @Valotex: Merarii Telvanni
Valorin Telvanni

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Joined: 01 Jun 2014
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re: Wrothgar picture gallery


Wrothgar pictured

I finally made the effort to look through my Wrothgar screenshots, which are a lot, and handpicked about 100 shots, loaded them up and organized them in smaller albums. Take a look:

Click "Oldest" to sort them chronologically.


@Valorin: Valorin Telvanni, Nathyn Varo, Athelyn Demnevanni, Sings-to-Fiends, Clavius Cyprianus, Lily Lakeside (Casain Demnevanni, Horgad Whitefrost) @Valotex: Merarii Telvanni
Valorin Telvanni

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Joined: 01 Jun 2014
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re: The Wrothgar RP Hub


Our Road so far...


Arrival in Wrothgar

Due to certain reasons teleportation from Morrowind was not possible, so we had to go by ship. It took us to Solitude in Skyrim, where we were able to teleport to Evermore, Bangkorai. From there we made our way through the Merchant's Gate to Wrothgar.

Upon arrival we met a carravan which had been ambushed and escorted a surviving merchant to Orsinium. On our way we also found the cart of the merchant's associate and she was able to recover her wares.

Finally in Orsinium we boarded rooms in the local inn, the Greedy Gut.


Orientation and finding Zthenganaz

We left Orsinium for a walk, scouting its perimeter and discovered another in not far from the city.

Later Valorin took the group to the first expedition. He wanted to confirm the location of a dwemer ruin. According to his scrolls he assumed it might be Zthenganaz. We also met Kireth and Vanor in the ruin, helped them out and were able to confirm the ruin's identity, which was an important step for planning further expeditions.

The group also moved from the Greedy Gut into more private and spacious quarters.


The Heist

Brooding over his scrolls, Valorin finally decided that his map isn't acurate enough. Fortunately the museum in Orsinium had a very old map of Wrothgar, which was exactly what he needed. After a few tries to claim the map legally, he decided to steal, replicate and replace the original map with a copy. The group managed to find a forger and steal the map. On their way to the outlaw refuge they have been attacked and the map has almost been stolen. In the end, they were able to recover, replicate and replace it. One of the thieves who tried to steal the map from the group is now imprisoned, the other one, a Khajiit, got away.


Expedition to Rkindaleft

Using the stolen map and various hints from ancient dwemer scrolls and Wrothgar's history, with Zthenganaz as an anchor, Valorin was able to pinpoint another dwemer ruin that might lead the group to the ancient dwemer city of Rkindaleft. Certain scrolls mentioned the city in corespondence with the forge Valorin was searching for.

The group arrived at the Shatul clan camp where they rested for the night. On their way Thovasi has almost been hit by an arrow. The group wasn't able to find the archer.

Next morning they embarked into the wilderness and after hours of walking through heavy snowfall and cold they eventually found the ruin from where they were able to head into the general direction Valorin assumed Rkindaleft to be.

Buried by snow and ice, embedded in a glacier, they finally found the ancient city and managed to get inside where they set up camp for the night. The next day they finally entered the interiors of the city and were suprised to find Orcs, modified by dwemer machinery, attacking them.

Exploring the ruin, they found a gigantic dwemer spider, as well as an assembly machine for some kind of centurion. Unfortunately Valorin fell through a grate in the floor and was seperated from the group, which tried to follow him by climbing through a pipe... They found him lying unconscious and wounded amidst tons of trashed and partially molten automatons, woke him and patched him up enough to be able to walk. When the room began to fill with steam the group only barely escaped something that seemed to be a big dwemer automaton spitting fire.

Valorin recuperated enough to be able to go on with the exploration of the city. They finally found the remains of the library they were looking for, buried in ice and guarded by a gigantic Ice Atronach. They disposed of it and discovered frozen Orcs wearing Chieftain Torug's emblem. Figuring that they raided the library in the First Era and took the hint they were looking for with them, the group left for their encampment in the entrance hall.

They left Rkindaleft for the Shatul camp the next day and went back to Orsinium the day after. They also picked up a Bosmer who claimed to have fired the arrow that almost hit Thovasi, but has been forced to do so by yet unknown enemies...



@Valorin: Valorin Telvanni, Nathyn Varo, Athelyn Demnevanni, Sings-to-Fiends, Clavius Cyprianus, Lily Lakeside (Casain Demnevanni, Horgad Whitefrost) @Valotex: Merarii Telvanni
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