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re: Character Sheet - Template


Since Sethize has started this and I really, really liked the idea, so I made a forum subcategory for this.

The character sheets' purpose is to give a general overview on your character. Please do not include any information that your character would not share freely if asked - please look at the sheets from Nelvan and Vivicah if you need any samples.



Your name


Your age - or what you are telling everyone, when asked.


"I hear you are born under a certain sign. Which sign might that be?"


How does your character dress? How do they look, and what do these things mean? Do they have visible tattoos, and if yes, do they talk about it? What choice of weaponry do they prefer, and why? Do they wear different outfits on different occasions, and if yes, which occasions would that be?
Feel free to include pictures.


Your character's personality is what you show people during RP, and your in-game behavior will be much more important than anything that you write in here. But since we aren't playing 24/7, but our characters are spending time together when we are not online (since they all have some sort of life going on), they are likely more familiar with each other than we can make them in the short time that we actually play them.

Religious beliefs:

Your character will have some sort of opinion towards gods and the Tribunal, which they will share when the topic comes up (or with everyone who doesn't run away when they start about it..?). How does he see those?


Who were your character's parents and siblings (if you know and talk about it)? I'll use the sheet to look up my brothers' names in the future, so I don't keep forgetting them. Where are you from etc?

Recent history:

Has anything interesting happened to your character in the last few weeks? Maybe RP events that have influenced them in a great deal?

Noteable relationships:

What would someone who is at least slightly familiar with your character know about their relationships? Who do they hang out with? In whose company are they seen?

Unusual talents/Oddities:

Which talents does your character have that others don't (that they tell people about and don't keep secret)? Please be careful that you pick talents that can be included in the roleplay (for example: "I can read thoughts" would not work, because it would require other people to tell you too much, whereas something like "I can pick up other peoples' emotions and they make me fuzzy" would work fine.)
Please remember that uber-Characters are boring as hell - nobody wants an immortal demigod without any sanity issues at all, we already got Sotha Sil. If you pick strong talents, make sure to add strong flaws.


Why is your Character in touch with the Great House Telvanni, Mainland branch? What has made them get in touch in the first place?

Theme song:

Does your character have a theme song?

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