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who we are and who we are not

Who we are, and who we are not - Telvanni Identity

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We are friendly, but we are roleplayers.

That means that we sometimes don't appear friendly at all - after all, we're wizards, more interested in our research as in the emotional well-being of s'wit. No offense. Or offense, I don't really care... but the people behind the keyboards are a nice and helpful bunch. Believe me, I've spoken to them. :) A Telvanni guild meeting can be a gathering of megalomaniacs trying to out-do each other by finding the most sophisticated insult - unless they are not, this is completely up to our members.
If you do not want to immerse into the world of Tamriel, or if you can't tell game from reality, this is not the guild you are looking for.

We are not a BDSM-forum.

Yes, we do keep slaves. Yes, we punish them if they don't behave, as this is part of a slave/master-relationship. But this is not about sex, it's about servitude. Platonically, so to speak. If you are into this special kind of mating, feel free to find likeminded individuals - but this is not what the house is about. If roleplaying equals kinky for you, this is not the guild you are looking for.

We are not into drama.

Dramatic roleplaying is good and well, and vampires always had their place among the Telvanni. So do teenagers, for that matter, as long as they can behave themselves. So do even teenage vampires, if these two conditions are met. But if you're looking for the "I am the darkness, I am the night" kind of roleplay or want to recreate relationship dramas in a Twilight sense of the word, this is not the guild you are looking for.

Outside of ESO, we are no jerks.

Dunmer are surperior, everyone with not-gray skin is ugly, Argonians and Khajiit can't take care of themselves and are rightfully enslaved, and humans don't live long enough to be taken seriously. Got it? Allright. This is ingame racism (speciesism, to be precise). You hate an entire nationality? Good for you, but do it somewhere else. You ridicule people who don't speak flawless English, because it's not their native language? You might want to seek professional help, as it's clear you're covering some sort of problem. If you are a s'wit out of roleplay, this is not the guild you are looking for.

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