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Sample character templates 

If you are an experienced Telvanni veteran, lore nerd or a just a roleplayer for life, you might feel a bit patronised by these standards, but if you are a more casual player or sombody who just likes roleplaying and want to participate but feels a little overwhelmed by our setting, these templates might be exactly what you are looking for. They are designed to give a character a reason to be around.

House Telvanni and to be part of the play, any additional background is highly recommended and will make your character more alive. If you just want to hop into our play, feel free to grab one of these templates and off you go.

Template - Telvanni wizard

Template - Telvanni noble

Template - Apprentice

Template - Oathmer

Template - Slave

Template - Heimlyn Keep Staff

Template - Field Assistant

Template - Blank

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