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re: Official Position to slavery - draft


This forum thread is for discussion and questions. For the most up-to-date version of this article, please refer to our Wiki.


Dear House members, dear S'wit common people who have stumbled in our library (please behave yourselves!),

due to the recent outlawing of slavery by the hilarious newly-founded Ebonheart Pact, questions have arisen on the matter of slavery and if anything changes for us as a whole.

Be assured, Great House Telvanni does what Great House Telvanni wants, just as always.

We have not joined the pathetic excuse of an alliance for two reasons. One is that we do not accept any authority besides that of the mightier mage but our own. The other is that we don't need an apology to work with those who deserve it. The Great House Telvanni has always opened its ranks to the brightest and most competent members of the lesser other races, and there are no plans to change that. We are not as stupid blind short-sighted as other houses to throw away valuable assets out of a wrong understanding of superiority, quite the opposite, it takes real greatness to allow others to rise instead of oppressing them for other than perfectly valid and obvious reasons.

When it comes to the matter of surpressing others, we are often accused of being slavers. That's not true. Slavers are disgusting people who rob others of their freedom and sell them to the highest bidder. We would never let ourselves sink so low, because that would put us in an uncomfortable moral proximity to House Dres. There can be only one sediment of society, and we gracefully allow the Dres to show their natural experteise on the one occasion where they can.

We are, however, slave masters, and always have been. Having slaves is the ancient right of every Dunmer, and we will not let that right be taken away by some pathetic Ebonheart Pact. When we informed their official representative of said fact, he turned slightly pale and remembered that he had business Elsweyr, and nobody has come back since, although my predecessor received a formal letter that The Great House Telvanni would not be allowed to participate in their little alliance as long as we upheld the ancient traditions of our people. I don't care strongly believe that they are too frightened to come and make us this is a burden that we can bear.

Please keep in mind that Telvanni slaves are Telvanni property and for that reason are of higher value. To uphold our good reputation, make sure that your slaves' outer appearance displays this fact. It's a matter of pride that our slaves display the wealth of their owners by wearing proper clothing instead of mere rags. Please also keep in mind that apparent whipping marks shed a bad light on the slave's supervisor and that there are spells that have the same effect without leaving any evidence visible traces behind.
By being the Archmagister I am at liberty of reminding you that a sick or underfed slave will shed a poor light on you and your house just as much as a diseased mushroom tower or a threadbare robe. We have a reputation of obscene wealth to uphold, so please make sure the lowly commoners S'wit other inhabitants of Nirn have ample reason to envy our wealth our good looks our brilliant minds us. A rich mer is always measured by their servants' garments.

I'm not entirely certain if you are aware of the recent studies proving that happy slaves are productive slaves. A worker who doesn't have to worry about their immediate future is almost twice as productive as one whose needs aren't fully satisfied. As a council position has been installed recently to deal with the administrative matters of slavery, please feel free to contact the Slavemaster when yours need any kind of maintenance. Please keep in mind that some of the lower other races have special needs when it comes to health care, such as Argonians, who require to stay moist. The Slavemaster will be of assistance with that task as well.

If you want to have servants available to you that you can abuse, neglect and starve, please do not use your valuable slaves but hire personnel. Thank you.


The Archmagister
Vivicah Telvanni

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